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Type aliases

AreaSeries: Series<Area>
Autocomplete: SelectComponent<Autocomplete> & { freeSolo?: boolean; label?: string; loading?: boolean; multiple?: boolean; onChange?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; onSelect: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string[]>; options?: AutocompleteOption[]; tooltip?: string; value?: string } & (AutocompleteMatchSorter | AutocompleteFilter)
AutocompleteFilter: { filterOptions?: AutocompleteFilterOptions; matchSorter?: never }

Type declaration

  • Optional filterOptions?: AutocompleteFilterOptions

    Options to configure how the filter search behaves

    (Note: filterOptions and matchSorter can't be used together)

  • Optional matchSorter?: never
AutocompleteMatchSorter: { filterOptions?: never; matchSorter?: AutocompleteMatchSorterOptions }

Type declaration

AutocompleteOption: { label: string; value: any }

Type declaration

  • label: string
  • value: any
Box: WhisperComponent<Box> & { alignItems?: AlignItems; children: BoxChildComponent[]; customHeight?: CustomHeight; direction: Direction; height?: Height; justifyContent: JustifyContent; maxHeight?: MaxHeight; minHeight?: MinHeight; onClick?: WhisperHandler }
BoxChildComponent: ChildComponents
Breadcrumbs: WhisperComponent<Breadcrumbs> & { links: Link[] }
Button: WhisperComponent<Button> & { buttonStyle?: ButtonStyle; disabled?: boolean; endIcon?: { name: string; variant?: IconVariant }; label?: string; onClick: WhisperHandler; size?: ButtonSize; startIcon?: { name: string; variant?: IconVariant }; tooltip?: string }
Chart: WhisperComponent<Chart> & { chartTitle?: string; heightToWidthRatio?: number; horizontalGridLines?: boolean; horizontalLineTotal?: number; margin?: { bottom?: number; left?: number; right?: number; top?: number }; series: Series<SeriesType>[]; showCrosshair?: boolean; verticalGridLines?: boolean; verticalLineTotal?: number; xAxis?: boolean; xAxisLabel?: string; xAxisPadding?: number; xAxisScale?: AxisScale; xAxisTickLabelAngle?: number; xAxisTickTotal?: number; yAxis?: boolean; yAxisLabel?: string; yAxisPadding?: number; yAxisScale?: AxisScale; yAxisTickLabelAngle?: number; yAxisTickTotal?: number }

released to third-party developers experimentally for the purpose of collecting feedback Chart component for displaying data sets

Checkbox: SelectComponent<Checkbox> & { label?: string; onChange: WhisperHandlerWithParam<boolean>; tooltip?: string; value?: boolean }
CollapseBox: WhisperComponent<CollapseBox> & { children: ChildComponents[]; label?: string; onClick?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<boolean>; open: boolean; openDirection?: OpenDirection; previewHeight?: Size }
Components: Component
DateTimeInput: InputComponent<DateTimeInput, Date | string, string> & { dateTimeType: DateTimeType; max?: Date; min?: Date }
DropZone: WhisperComponent<DropZone> & { accept?: string[]; label: string; limit?: number; messaging?: { accept?: string; click?: string; drop?: string; limit?: string }; noun?: string; onDrop: WhisperHandlerWithParam<File[]>; onRemove?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<File[]>; tooltip?: string; validationError?: string; value?: File[] }
Email: InputComponent<Email, string>
Grid: WhisperComponent<Grid> & { alignContent?: AlignContent; alignItems?: AlignItems; children: ChildComponents[]; container?: boolean; direction?: GridDirection; item?: boolean; justifyContent?: JustifyContent; spacing?: number; wrap?: Wrap; xs?: string }
Icon: WhisperComponent<Icon> & { color?: Black | Grey | White | WhisperStrip | Accent; disabled?: boolean; name: string; onClick?: WhisperHandler; size?: IconSize; tooltip?: string; variant?: IconVariant }
LineSeries: Series<Line> & { strokeWidth?: number }
Link: WhisperComponent<Link> & { componentStyle?: StyleOptions; href?: string; onClick?: WhisperHandler; style?: Urgency; text: string; textAlign?: TextAlign }
ListPair: WhisperComponent<ListPair> & { copyable: boolean; label: string; labelCopyable?: boolean; onLabelCopy?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; onValueCopy?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; style: Urgency; value: string }
MarkSeries: Series<Mark> & { size?: number }
Markdown: WhisperComponent<Markdown> & { body: string; copyable?: MarkdownWhisperCopyMode; onCopy?: WhisperHandler; onLinkClick?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; tooltip?: string }
Message: WhisperComponent<Message> & { body?: string; copyable?: MessageWhisperCopyMode; header?: string; onCopy?: WhisperHandler; style?: Urgency | Accent | Black | Grey; textAlign?: TextAlign; tooltip?: string }
NumberInput: InputComponent<Number, number> & { max?: number; min?: number; step?: number }
Pagination: WhisperComponent<Pagination> & { component?: PaginationComponentType; count: number; disabled?: boolean; labelRowsPerPage?: string; onChange?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; onRowsPerPageChange?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; page: number; rowsPerPage?: number; rowsPerPageOptions?: number[] }
Password: InputComponent<Password, string>
Progress: WhisperComponent<Progress> & { determinate?: number; label?: string; shape?: ProgressShape; size?: StyleSize }
RadioGroup: SelectComponent<RadioGroup> & { onSelect: WhisperHandlerWithParam<number>; options: string[]; selected?: number }
Rating: WhisperComponent<Rating> & { defaultValue?: number; disabled?: boolean; emptyIcon?: string; emptyIconColor?: string; emptyIconVariant?: IconVariant; icon?: string; iconColor?: string; iconVariant?: IconVariant; max?: number; name?: string; onChange?: WhisperHandlerWithParam<number>; precision?: number; readOnly?: boolean; size?: IconSize; value?: number }
RichTextEditor: WhisperComponent<RichTextEditor> & { disabled?: boolean; onChange: WhisperHandlerWithParam<string>; tooltip?: string; validationError?: string; value?: string; onBlur?: any; onFocus?: any }
SectionTitle: WhisperComponent<SectionTitle> & { backgroundStyle?: Grey | White; body: string; textAlign?: TextAlign }
Select: SelectComponent<Select> & { excludeDefaultOption?: boolean; label?: string; onSelect: WhisperHandlerWithParam<number>; options: string[]; selected?: number; tooltip?: string }
Series<T>: { color?: SeriesColor; data: SeriesData[]; title: string; type: T }

Type parameters

  • T

Type declaration

  • Optional color?: SeriesColor

    Color of this series

  • data: SeriesData[]

    Array of plot points on the graph

  • title: string

    Title given to this series in a legend below the chart

  • type: T

    The type of graphing. Current options are area, line, mark or vertical bar graphs.

SeriesData: { x: number | string | Date; y: number | string | Date }

Type declaration

  • x: number | string | Date

    The plot point on the X axis

  • y: number | string | Date

    The plot point on the Y axis

StateMap: Map<string, string | boolean | number | string[]>
Telephone: InputComponent<Telephone, string>
TextInput: InputComponent<TextInput, string>
Typography: WhisperComponent<Typography> & { align?: Align; body: string; paragraph?: boolean; tooltip?: string; variant?: Variant }
VerticalBarSeries: Series<VerticalBar> & { barWidth?: number }
WhisperHandler: (error: Error | undefined, whisper: Whisper) => void

Type declaration

    • (error: Error | undefined, whisper: Whisper): void
    • Parameters

      • error: Error | undefined
      • whisper: Whisper

      Returns void

WhisperHandlerWithParam<T>: (error: Error | undefined, param: T, whisper: Whisper) => void

Type parameters

  • T

Type declaration

    • (error: Error | undefined, param: T, whisper: Whisper): void
    • Parameters

      • error: Error | undefined
      • param: T
      • whisper: Whisper

      Returns void


Alignment: typeof JustifyContent = JustifyContent
  • Use JustifyContent instead.


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